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We believe that a robust Organizational Culture is the path to success

We're a talented group that loves to Build Together, constantly Seeking Perpetual Evolution, and Strive for Excellence.

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In Simetrik

We’ve been working since the early days in building a world-class Organizational Culture as the core of everything we do.

Our Culture

We've always believed that building a successful team requires more than hiring talented individuals. It requires world-class individuals with shared mindsets around values and execution, forming a fantastic team that constantly evolves, can quickly adapt to changes, and chooses collaboration over competition.

With that in mind, we developed our current Mindset Principles, divided into Value principles and Execution Principles.

Our Value Principles

What we value in relationships and in the way we interact with others.

Our Execution Principles

How we tackle every goal, every task, and every challenge.

Our rituals

We make sure everything we do is fully aligned with our Principles. This happens from the first interaction that a potential candidate has with Simetrik and all the way through the employee journey.

These are some of our rituals and practices that best exemplify our approach to cultural scaling:

Building our Culture: All Hands Meeting Session.

We run weekly All Hands, with a monthly session around Culture, with activities that foster participation and aim for everyone to better understand a particular aspect of our Culture.

360º Performance Pulses:

We run lean 360 Pulses to understand our team's performance, including their understanding of our Principles. This raises our talent bar and helps us foster a High-Performance and Perpetual Evolution Culture.

Frequent and Recurrent Feedback from our team:

We constantly have 1:1s and focus groups around Culture with our team to understand the way they are experiencing and living our Culture. Additionally, we run semi-annual eNPS surveys to gather feedback on our team's overall experience.

Some thoughts from our team
about their Simetrik journey

"At Simetrik, people's potential is fostered through the challenges they take on every day."

Gloria López
Head of Partnerships

"At Simetrik we always have fun. The growth of the company has given us exciting challenges that drive us to grow in our skills every day to keep challenging each other and to become part of the best."

Grace Álvarez
Head of Product

"Simetrik is an amazing company because they offer a unique, best in class product in a market that is still developing. What stands out the most to me is the culture and the people, they are energetic, great coworkers and passionate"

Mark Hanna
Senior Account Executive
We Seek Perpetual Evolution

For me this principle is all about embracing that the world we live in is neither constant nor perpetually cycling, but always changing. We need to be agile, adapt and innovate, in order to evolve into our better selves. In my journey in Simetrik I’ve experienced how powerful and important it is to always leave room for building up new skills that can further be used by others to reshape their future.

Cecilia López 🇨🇴
Head of Partnerships

We Build Together

Simetrik is an amazing company because they offer a unique, best in class product in a market that is still developing. What stands out the most to me is the culture and the people, they are energetic, great coworkers and passionate

Mark Hanna 🇳🇱
Pre-Sales Engineer

We Enjoy the Struggle

Since my first day at Simetrik, I feel the passion in the air. I’ve been thrilled to face incredible challenges, with a very high level of unpredictability that, far from instilling fear, encouraged us to constantly strive to do better, showing us that we can make the impossible a reality.

Grace Álvarez 🇦🇷
Head of Product

Our founders

Alejandro Casas

Alejandro is the Co-founder and CEO at Simetrik. He kicked off his entrepreneurial experience in 2011 by founding Inclava Labs, a provider of specialized web and mobile solutions. In 2014, he became the CTO of Mesfix, an electronic trading platform, which helps small and medium-sized companies to obtain liquidity by selling their invoices receivable at a discount.

Through this Endeavor community company, he met Santiago Gómez, who is today his partner and COO at Simetrik. In 2016, Alejandro founded Ropeo, a last-mile logistics and clothing e-commerce platform where Santiago Gómez, initially joined him as an advisor and angel investor and later in 2017 as co-founder and CMO.

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Santiago Gómez

Santiago Gómez is the co-founder and COO of Simetrik. He began his professional career in the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Endeavor Colombia, a global organization that promotes high-impact entrepreneurship. He was in charge of the Emprende País program, an initiative by Endeavor and the Bolívar Davivienda Foundation to strengthen high-potential growth companies. Later, he led the ScaleUp Tech acceleration program for Endeavor and JP Morgan. In 2015, he met his future partner, Alejandro Casas. Alejandro was then the CTO of a company in the Endeavor community, and a couple of years later, he founded Ropeo, an e-commerce platform for clothing and last-mile logistics. Initially, Santiago served as an advisor and angel investor for Ropeo, but in 2017, he left Endeavor to work as a co-founder and CMO of this startup.

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