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Import your data
Step_Import your data

Import your data

Incorporate or upload data from any system used by your company and keep the information updated through manual upload from your computer or automatic connections to:

  • Google Drive, One Drive or similar.
  • Email.
  • Data bases.
  • APIs or SFTPs.
  • Others.

Set up your reconciliation

Configure the matching rules with which you are going to compare your data once and let Simetrik automatically execute your configuration in the future, using a spreadsheet-like interface.

Find in Simetrik functionalities such as:

  • Assemble
  • Filters
  • Formulas
  • Manual Reconciliation
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Users and permissions
  • Layered reconciliation
  • Others
Visualize your results
Step_Visualize your results

Visualize your results

Create custom reports and dashboards with the results of your reconciliation, Simetrik will update them automatically, freeing you from repetitive tasks forever!

Administrator control and security

Visibility with SAML SSO, user provisioning and audit trails.

Storage capacity

Storage in the customer's database hosted in your cloud.


Privacy and GDPR Privacy Shield compliance.

Data residence

Simetrik generates and maintains all the information in a territory, it never transfers the information outside that territory, thus complying with the law requirements of different countries.

Data encryption

We employ numerous security controls including encryption in transit and data storage.

Premium support

Access to guides and support in the execution of your processes.


We implement the best practices so that the data of your company and your clients remains safe and in compliance.

The value delivered by Simetrik is clear and consistent

Take your reconciliation processes to another level

Anyone that has used a spreadsheet can automate financial processes with Simetrik.

Find any inconsistency or error in your transactional processes as soon as it happens.

Collaborate with your teammates using a unique source of truth.

Simetrik University

Learn with our knowledge base on best practices and automation of reconciliations without applying a single line of code!