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Our Customer Stories

Simetrik allowed us to change the focus of our financial team: it is no longer about finding shortages, but analyzing all that information that helps us centralize Simetrik to be more strategic.

Edgar Felipe Pulido
Payments Manager at Rappi Platform.


By integrating with multiple payment methods and processing data from various sources and formats, Rappi faced potential inconsistencies due to delays, errors, or fraud.

  • 90% reduction in man-hours in the data reconciliation process from all sources.

  • Rappi grew 10x in 4 years without significantly expanding its financial team.

With Simetrik, we are achieving outstanding reconciliation percentages per acquiring.

Nicolás Onandi
Senior Manager - Fintech - Payment Operations


Processing over 30 million transactions monthly through an extensive acquiring network, the company dealt with complex money inflow channels and a significant volume of data to reconcile

  • Centralized information, complete control, and enhanced traceability

  • Independence, quick adaptability, and scalability

  • Timely identification and management of inconsistencies

Simetrik Building Blocks to automate Financial and Accounting Control in a single platform

Automate all reconciliations from start to finish to both eliminate repetitive tasks and enhance business value

Financial control

Accounting control

We Automate Complex, High-Volume Reconciliations Worldwide

+200 Million
Reconciled records per day
1200 Sources
Integrated in one single platform
35 Countries
and big clients worldwide

Simetrik’s Big Data Infrastructure is Robust, Scalable, Secure

and Compliant for Business Confidence

We guarantee AICPA Security Compliance
Certifications that support Information Security and Integrity

Our solution is built on Powerful No Code Technology,

offering an intuitive interface inspired by spreadsheets.
Easy to use, yet robust, to meet your business needs

Simetrik connects and extracts Financial Data

from different technologies and file formats

Producing Tangible Outputs

and access to all the information when and how you need it.
All on a Single Platform!


Simetrik's dashboards offer an interactive, customizable view of financial metrics, aiding in efficient monitoring and analysis.

Control Alarms

These alarms quickly notify users about financial inconsistencies, ensuring timely issue resolution and data accuracy.

AI Report Generation

Simetrik Assistant automates data analysis and the creation of insightful reports, making the reporting process more efficient.

Consolidated reports

Gather reports from various sources into a single document for a complete overview of an organization's performance.


Easily find specific reports with criteria or keywords, offering fast access to pertinent business insights.

Generate Journal Entries directly to the ERP

Generating Journal Entries directly to an ERP automates the creation of financial records, reducing manual efforts and enhancing accuracy. This process ensures financial data is updated in real-time for effective analysis and decision-making.

Unlock Unparallel Value

Optimize costs and expenses

  • Stop leakage

  • Control recurrent fraud

  • Optimize cash flow

Mitigate and control risks

  • React fast to fraud and errors

  • Reduce compliance risk

  • Mitigate reputational risk

Unlock and protect revenue

  • Expand faster without back office bottlenecks

  • Avoid customer churn

  • Improve value proposition

Improve access to capital and funding

  • Close faster with robust financials

  • Minimize manual intervention

Direct teams to high-value activities

  • Refocus engineers in core business

  • Refocus financial teams towards analysis instead of operations

And many more...

Unlock them in your company